Mothman. Mythological Being, Origin, Curse And Myths

We discover all the secrets of the Mothman. Learn about this legend, its origins and how it is described by those who have seen it.


¿What is Mothman?

Mothman or Owlman is a mythological creature believed to inhabit the area outside of Point Pleasant, West Virginia. This winged creature first appeared on November 12, 1966 in front of five men digging a grave in Clendenin, West Virginia (approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes from Point Pleasant).

Just three days later, on November 15, two couples going for an evening walk in the TNT area saw the creature again. Terrified, they took off running at over 100 miles per hour, but the strange being had no trouble keeping up with them. The couples were chased back to town, where they reported their sighting to Deputy Sheriff Millard Halstead.


The next day, Deputy Halstead and the couples held a press conference at the city courthouse to share the story. It was then that the creature was named ‘Mothman’ for its strange appearance. Later that night, another famous sighting occurred when Marcella Bennett drove to a friend’s house, which was located within the TNT area.

As she got out of the car with her baby, she was startled when a large creature began to emerge from the shadows near her car. Her fear caused her to drop her infant son, though she quickly recovered from the shock. She picked up the baby, ran inside and locked the doors. She climbed onto the porch and peered through the windows at the family, but disappeared before the police arrived.

Over the next few months, he terrorized the city. Nearly 100 people came forward with eyewitness reports between November 1966 and December 1967. During this time, the city of Point Pleasant also experienced paranormal and possibly extraterrestrial activity that was thought to be somehow related to Mothman.

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Physical description of Mothman

Those who saw the mothman claim it was a large, gray, humanoid-type creature with huge wings. It is believed to be between 5 and 7 feet tall with a wingspan of 10 feet. The owl man’s head is described as oddly shaped, and is sitting close to the creature’s body.

Some people even describe him as a headless man, with only two eyes protruding above his torso. In addition, its bright red glowing eyes are said to be extremely large.

He is also able to fly with incredible capabilities. The couple who saw him on the night of November 15, 1966, outside the TNT area said he was able to keep up with his car at 100 miles per hour without flapping his wings. It is also able to weave quickly through dense forest areas and soar straight up into the sky like a helicopter.

These flight patterns are beyond our current capabilities with solo flight devices such as jetpacks, causing many people to ignore the possibility of a hoax. This creature is compared to many people to zombies or the undead.


Although many people are divided over the nature of the mothman, it has been noted that the creature has never harmed a human being during its encounters. This has led many believers to believe that the Mothman means no harm, but rather tries to warn people of impending danger with its presence.

This was later evidenced by the collapse of the Silver Bridge, as many witnesses claimed to see the creature on the bridge just before it fell. Others argue for the evil nature of the creature and cite as evidence the disappearance of Newell Partridge’s dog and the ancient legend of Chief Cornstalk. It is their belief that the Mothman is a creature of danger and mayhem that seeks to put humans in dangerous situations.

Theories of Origin

There are many theories about this mythical being, regarding its appearance, place of manifestation, among other versions that we will present below.

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Alien creature

Many people claim to have witnessed UFO sightings and paranormal experiences during Mothman’s time in Point Pleasant, leading many to believe that Mothman could be an extraterrestrial creature. The arrival of the mysterious Indrid Cold, also known as ‘The Smiling Man,’ seems to lend substance to this theory.

Mothman or Butterfly Monster

Some people prefer a more scientific approach. Their theories about the origins of the Mothman are largely influenced by the creature’s home: the TNT area. The TNT area was built during World War II. It was located near a large wildlife conservation area, which ensured that the area was remote and little frequented.

The TNT area is composed of many miles of concrete igloo-like domes. The military used these spaces to create and store weapons of mass destruction. After the war, the site was abandoned. Many of the toxic substances from the stored weapons leaked into the surrounding forest area.

Vengeful curse

Others believe that this mythological being is the embodiment of a 200-year-old curse. This curse dates back to the death of Chief Cornstalk and several of his tribesmen. Chief Keigh-tugh-gua (which translates to “cornstalk”) wanted peace with the American settlers who were trying to occupy the land of seven different Native American nations. Unfortunately, there were many on both sides who opposed this idea.

On November 7, 1777, Chief Cornstalk traveled to a fort in an area called Point Pleasant and attempted to engage in peace talks with the settlers to avoid fighting. He insisted that peace was necessary because the British were trying to convince the other nations to join them in opposing the colonists and that only he and his tribe stood in their way.


Surprisingly, the first sighting of the mothman dates back 40 years before it appeared in Point Pleasant. The beginning of January 1926 opened with the appearance of a strange creature in southeastern China. Locals described this creature as a “dragon man” that could often be seen hovering over the Xiaon Te Dam.


november 12 to 16, 1966

On November 12, 1966, it was first seen flying over a cemetery by five men who were digging a grave late at night. They described the creature they saw as a human figure that could fly.

Three days later, on the night of November 15, 1966, Newell Partridge’s dog began growling at a creature outside. Partridge heard a strange noise and went outside to investigate with a flashlight. He was surprised to discover the owlman.

Hundreds of other sightings would be reported during this time, though these are the most notable.

The collapse of the Puente de la Plata

On December 15, 1967, the Silver Bridge collapsed during peak traffic hours. In the hours leading up to the collapse (and even during the event) many witnesses claimed to have seen the Mothman on top of the bridge. The collapse was devastating, and 46 people lost their lives when their cars were thrown into the river. The Mothman was never seen again in Point Pleasant.

The Freiburg Mine Collapse

On the morning of September 10, 1978, a group of miners were on their way to work in Freiburg, Germany, when they were confronted by a strange man in a trench coat. As they approached, they realized it was not a man, but a strange creature with huge wings.

It appeared to have no head, but had large, glowing red eyes in what appeared to be its chest. They stood at the entrance to the mine staring at the creature until it let out a terrifying scream that made them turn and flee from the mine. An hour later, the mine collapsed.


Throughout1985, many scientists, workers and citizens living near the Chernobyl power plant in Chernobyl, Ukraine, saw a large bird-like creature with the body of a man flying around the nuclear power plant. They said that this terrifying creature had glowing red eyes.

On April 26, 1986, the creature was seen before a huge explosion that became one of the most famous nuclear accidents in history. Witnesses also saw the creature flying through the smoke and debris after the horrific event.

September 11 and the Twin Towers

Several days before the terrible attack on September 11, 2001, several people saw a strange flying creature near the Twin Towers. Those who saw the attack report that the same creature was flying parallel to the second plane when it hit the tower.

The collapse of the I-35 bridge

In late June 2007, reports of this very strange creature began to appear in Minnesota. The reports were concentrated in Minneapolis, surrounding areas and the I-35 bridge itself. After a month of sightings, the bridge collapsed on August 1, 2007. The collapse was devastating, killing 13 people and injuring 145 others.

The swine flu outbreak

Residents of La Junta, Mexico, began seeing a large black creature with red eyes in 2009. The creature is said to have stalked the town just prior to the swine flu outbreak that devastated the area. Several witnesses report being terrified by its screams, and one was even chased by the creature. Local authorities searched for evidence of the creature, but it was never found.


Two witnesses were near the Fukushima power plant in Japan in March 2011 when they heard a loud screeching sound. They turned to see a creature sitting on top of the Fukushima plant. It suddenly spread its wings and began flying toward them. They were horrified by a pair of glowing red eyes staring at them, but the creature disappeared soon after.

Shortly after the creature appeared to them, Fukushima was devastated by an earthquake and the nuclear power plant the witnesses passed by exploded.

Explanation of the myth

As sightings of this crypt continue to this day, many people wonder if the Mothman is more than a myth haunting the city of Point Pleasant.


There seems to be no consensus on whether the creature means harm to humans, although it can be agreed that sightings of the Mothman seem to precede tragedies and loss of life.

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