Erebus Primordial God of Darkness and Shadow

Let’s meet today Erebus one of the Primordial Gods. Lord of the Darkness and the Shadow. A figure that has important relationships.

Erebus god of darkness
Erebus god of darkness

Who is Erebus?

In Greek mythology, Erebus was a primordial deity who personified darkness and shadow. He was considered the son of Chaos, the primordial principle of the universe, and brother of Nyx, the personification of night. He was also the father of Hypnos god of sleep, Ether, the personification of the upper sky and celestial light, and Hemera, the personification of day, among others.

This god was primarily associated with the Greek underworld, being the place where the souls of the dead resided after death. Along with Nyx, he ruled the deepest and darkest part of the underworld, known as Tartarus. This god was described as a gloomy and lightless place, to which only the dead had access.

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Relationships and family of Erebus

In the popular mythology, Erebus is best known as the primordial character of darkness and shadows, and no specific children are attributed to him in most classical accounts. However, some sources mention descendants associated with this deity.

erebus god


  • Chaos (the primordial void)

Brothers and sisters

  • Nyx (the night)
  • Ether (the celestial light)
  • Hemera (the day)


  • Nyx and Erebus are also mentioned as the parents of several children, including Hypnos, along with their twin brothers, Thanatos (the personification of non-violent death) and Geras (the personification of old age).
  • Aether (Ether) and Hemera (Hemera) united and had children, including Thalassa (the primordial sea) and other minor gods and deities associated with the sky and day.

Myths and culture related to Erebus

While there is no specific story or legend centered on Erebus, his presence in Greek mythology is significant, as he personifies primordial darkness and plays an important role in cosmogony and the location of the souls of the dead in the underworld.

  • Birth of the primordial gods: According to Hesiod’s theology, this god emerges as one of the first primordial beings, born from Chaos.
  • Journey to the underworld: In the myths of Orpheus’ search for his wife Eurydice, he is mentioned as the region to which Orpheus descends to try to rescue Eurydice from the underworld. His reign is the place where the souls of the dead reside before being judged and directed to their final destination.
  • Relationship with Nyx: This god is often portrayed as Nyx’s companion and lover, despite being her brother. Together, they represent the duality of night and primordial darkness in Greek cosmogony.


  • There is a butterfly known as Erebus Agarista, it is the “butterfly of death” with the scientific name Ascalapha Odorata. No doubt because of the relationship with darkness and death of this god.
HRS erebus
HRS Erebus
  • We also found a Mount Erebus. It is an active volcano in Antarctica, located on the east coast of Ross Island. Discovered by James Clark Ross who arrived with the ships HMS Erebus and HMS Terror to these shores, with incredible stories reflected in books and TV-Shows.

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